Things to do


East Rhidorroch is an excellent base for a variety of different walks through woodland, to the lochs or up a Munro.


Ullapool attracts climbers from all over the world. The area boasts a variety of famous rock climbs, stacks and vertiginous sea cliffs.


Bring your own mountain bike and explore the different tracks, roads and trails while having magnificent views and breathtaking experiences.


Come and help us on the farm by feeding the pigs and chickens or collecting the eggs. Depending on the season you can enjoy the sight of new born lambs, plant trees or help us move the sheep and cows.


Enjoy the beautiful Caledonian forest, the massive cliffs,gorges and waterfalls.


The scenery and wildlife are just outside the front door. Look for  red and sika deer, eagles and many more animals and birds.

Bird Watching

Bring your binoculars and spot the golden eagles flying over the cliffs. And there are many more birds to see like kestrel, grouse and woodcock.


There is a multitude of places to fish from small secluded hill lochs to bigger lochs with boats on and remote rivers. Some are accessible by car others are hours of hiking away…


We are responsible for the welfare of the deer and their natural habitat. This involves management of deer numbers, mainly by regular counting and culling, to ensure that there is sufficient grazing for the herd and that the habitat is healthy.


The picturesque fishing village of Ullapool lays 8 miles away from the Estate. It gives you the perfect opportunity to eat fresh seafood, stroll around the seaside, visit the little shops or do a wildlife boat tour.