About us

At East Rhidorroch we think we can have a lifestyle and a business that doesn’t damage the environment. We try really hard to make the accommodation eco-friendly. We also raise organic sheep and cattle while growing trees and looking after the old Caledonian pine forest.



Meet the team



Iona grew up at East Rhidorroch and has been looking after the place since 2010. She believes in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. She loves to welcome guests to East Rhidorroch, horse riding and gardening.


Julien moved up from France in 2013 and worked here since. He goes climbing and freediving when he is allowed to take time off.



Felix is the newest member of the team. He loves drinking milk !

Maddy and Neil

Neil and Maddy, Iona's parents, looked after East Rhidorroch since 1982. They help on the Estate when things are tough.
They love farming and sailing.


We have a lot of volunteers to help us with running the farm and the garden. They are part of the family and I am sure you'll meet some of them. If you would like to volunteer with us please apply through Workaway.

The Farm

We run an organic hill farm and produce beef and lamb.

The hill cattle are home bred Aberdeen Angus x Shorthorn x Galloway x Highland.

The sheep are pure North county Cheviot, small and hardy, they lamb in May and the lamb spend the whole summer on the hills before going over to the Black isle for the winter.

We keep a supply of beef, lamb and venison in the deep freeze if you would like some please let us know what you need.