The Clar Lochs

1 hour walk away from the house.
Lots of brown trout, the perfect place for a day out and a small fire to cook your fish on. 
There is a small rowing boat on one of them.
Fly fishing only

Loch Damph 
45 minutes walk from the house or 10 minutes in a 4×4.  

Lots of nice sized brown trout, a small fishing hut to make some hot drinks and for the kids to play in. 
Boat house and rowing boat.

The Rappach

The River Rappach, a tributary of the famous Oykel, provides some excellent salmon fly water and, given good water conditions, it fishes well from July onwards. 

The access is not that easy but worth it. It needs an hour in a 4 wheel drive up the hill road and an additional 20 minutes’ walk to the River. Alternatively, you can walk from the house (2 hours) and fish all the pools on the way down, for 6 km! 
Expect a big day out and probably the most remote salmon fishing in Scotland. Well worth it.

Fly fishing only.

Loch Achall 

Accessible by car.
On the neighbouring estate. 
Lots of brown trout

Rowing boat.
Fly fishing only.

Rhidorroch River 

Just outside the house, perfect for an evening cast or a practice. Lots of nice little pools to explore.

Fly only

We can provide fly rods and show you how to tie a knot. 

Otherwise you can hire a guide for the day (or the week ! )