Can I take my Dogs on holiday ?

Dogs are most welcome here. Please inform us how many and only 2 dogs are welcome in the Cottage. It’s a dog’s paradise with walks straight from the front door and the river near by for swimming. As it’s a working farm we request that your dog is well behaved and kept under control at all times, we have a lot of free range animals around! Don’t let them out of sight when your walking on the hill as they could chase the deer or sheep. We have working dogs (4 girls) on the farm, please don’t play stick or balls with them while your here.

We also kindly request that you clean up after your dog, especially dog hairs inside the accommodation. Make sure they don’t go on the sofa or the beds. And please don’t leave them in the accommodation unattended.

Can I drive up the glen road when I am not staying in the accommodation?

No Vehicle access in the glen without prior permission or only if you are renting one of the accommodations. Road not suitable for motorhomes or caravans. Please don’t just come and visit or drive up to camp. 
Park you vehicle at the quarry and you are welcome to walk or bike. 

Will I have access to WiFi, Internet or mobile reception in the glen?

Short answer… NO.
There is No mobile phone reception in the glen once you have left Ullapool.
There is No wifi or Internet in the accommodation.
So enjoy a complete digital detox holiday.

What extra items might I need to pack to get the most out of my holiday?

Warm clothes
Good walking boots or wellies
Dressing gowns
Warm socks
Swim suits
Midge nets and sprays/ creams
Fishing rods

Buy your food before you come up the glen so you can just relax when you get here.

How do I apply to volunteer with you?

Please join Workaway. www.workaway.info
We only accept volunteers who have come through workaway.
There are other great sites for volunteering too on other farms around the world. Wwoofing www.wwoofing.com and Helpx. www.helpx.com

When is the Midge season?

 Typically June until September. Come prepared with Midge nets and sprays. 

Can I go horse riding on the Estate? 

No, I would highly recommend Gairloch trekking centre. www.gairlochtrekkingcentre.co.uk to experience beach and hill rides.