The landscape is a mix of woodland with native Caledonian Pines and heather clad moors resulting in a healthy biodiversity which is encouraged by the Estate’s organic practice and policy of allowing natural regeneration. Therefore Rhidorroch is the perfect place for wildlife photographers and naturalist. 


East Rhidorroch Estate has a wide variety of wildlife including eagles, badgers, pine martens, kestrels, otters and divers as well as numerous Red and Sika deer which graze peacefully nearby.

In autumn the Red Deer rut with dramatic battles and elaborate displays of dominance to ensure exclusive mating with the hinds. During the rut, the estate comes alive with the sound of the roaring stags. An exceptional reason to stay at East Rhidorroch during this time of year, it is a sound you must hear with your own ears.

Bird watching

The scenery around the guest accommodation is perfect for bird watching. You can spot golden eagles flying over the cliffs or might see an owl in our new owl box. While walking you might scare some red grouse, watch ospreys diving in the loch or surprise a black grouse in the woodlands. So make sure you bring your binoculars when you come to us.