We are responsible for the welfare of deer and their natural habitat. Deer have no natural predators in Scotland, so populations must be managed to limit their impacts. Stalking provides the funds that help to manage the land.
We would be happy to tell you more about the way we manage deer on East Rhidorroch, simply get in touch with us.


The way we see it, hunting deer is an amazing experience that is beneficial for the land and will create great memories. 
Bring your friends and family, it is not about trophies, it is about a unique day out while you are staying here.   

The red stag stalking season runs from the 1st of July to the 20th of October. We only hunt stags from the end of September until the 20th of October during the rut. 


The price of a Stag is £450 plus VAT, in case of an occasional blank day an “outing only” fee of £200 plus VAT applies.
Stag stalking is exclusively for guests staying in the lodge. 
2-4 stags/week.


The hind season runs from the 21st October to 15th February. The price per day is £200 plus VAT irrespective of the number of beasts shot.

It is possible to rent the cottage in the winter.

Beginners more than welcome !